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TechKnow episode 7: Ethical AI with Kit Ahweyevu

Joy Poole | 0 mins read
Our latest edition of TechKnow focuses on the ethical dilemmas and dangers posed by our current use of AI and the steps we can take to mitigate them. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) advisor Kit Ahweyevu spoke to us about the ways in which we can safeguard inclusion, belonging, and equality in AI.

"Data runs through most organisations like a lazy river." TechKnow guest Mike Hobday on extracting value from data

Joy Poole | 0 mins read
According to Gartner, almost 80 percent of the world’s data is unstructured; an ocean of documents, emails, image and audio files residing outside of the traditional rows and columns of databases and spreadsheets. To fully realise the potential of all of this unstructured data, businesses need the tools to order it and d.

Is your business making the most of technology? Our survey of the top barriers to investing in automation

Reports | 1 mins read
New research conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Emergence Partners has found that 46% of UK businesses have been driven to increase their investment in automation as a result of the recent lockdown.

"Business people don't need to understand how the algorithm works - just what it can do." AI strategist Andrew Burgess offers a dose of reality on TechKnow

Joy Poole | 1 mins read
When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, our understanding of the technology has often been at odds with the reality of what it is capable of. This has resulted in a lack of wildly successful use cases. Recent research from IDC found that half of AI projects fail for one in four companies on average, with “unrealistic e.

How intelligent (and integrated) automation can build resilience in the new normal

Sarah Burnett | 2 mins read
It is not a coincidence that in a year of heavily disrupted markets, intelligent automation (IA) has made a leap forward in reputation and taken centre stage in the investment plans of businesses. Emergence research from this year has found that 40% have increased investment, and no wonder: during turbulent times, many o.

Exploring the new normal with Taylor Vinters

Case Studies | 1 mins read
Our Resilience Assessment programme helped Taylor Vinters take fast and agile action to align on strategy during a period of severe disruption.

Williams Lea: from incremental to exponential change

Case Studies | 1 mins read
After losing market share in a rapidly evolving industry, as well as the immediate damage of 40% Covid losses, Williams Lea needed fast and authentic solutions to the structural and mindset issues at the root of innovation stagnation.

A-level algorithm highlights the importance of human-centric AI

Katie Gibbs | 1 mins read
Statistical models often feed on large-scale historical trends and reflect them in data patterns - in this case, the higher performance of typically wealthier schools. New research by UCL's Institute of Education found that 23% of comprehensive school students were under-predicted by the models compared with just 11% of .

Is hyperautomation just hype without the automation?

David Poole | 5 mins read
UI Path’s latest seeding round, announced last week, is a serious signal of intent, with CEO Daniel Dines pledging to “bring automation to one billion citizen developers.” The robotic process automation (RPA) market is taking the digital world by storm, with at least one unicorn and a growing number of products, services.