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Emergence Partners And Create The First AI-Powered Transformation Mining Tool

Press Releases | 2 mins read
The proposition, named Digital Transformation Mining (DTM), will for the first time allow customers to quickly and accurately assess organisation, process and application usage data simultaneously and pinpoint areas for automation and improvement.

What is Techposter Syndrome and why is it a thing?

Joy Poole | 3 mins read
Techposter Syndrome noun [tek·post·er sin·drome] 1. The feeling of doubting one’s own competency with or understanding of technology. 2. The fear of having this perceived shortcoming exposed.

Is it time to turn the lights out on GBS?

David Poole | 5 mins read
In today’s digital environment, this is about as fun and interesting as it sounds: a back-office empire fixated on overhead savings and completely separated from where the customer-wowing magic happens.

Tear up the legal rule book!

Reports | 0 mins read
With consumer-focused disruptors changing the legal game, law firms can no longer afford to take a risk-averse approach to technology. Our latest report outlines five ways to break with convention and forge a new path in the legal market.

Put the reactive chaos of 2020 behind you: it’s time for HR to get creative again

Joy Poole | 2 mins read
2020 was one of the most chaotic years on record for HR leaders. It was the year of firefighting, spinning plates and applying band-aid solutions wherever necessary.

Is the C-Suite drifting out of touch with employees?

David Poole | 2 mins read
Bridging hierarchies within an organisation has always been a delicate cultural challenge, but now that executive teams have been physically separated from their employees, the disconnect in many cases has been exaggerated. As well as the physical separation, a metaphysical divide is threatening to open up too - a 'digit.

Resilience perspectives post-2021: an Emergence report

Reports | 0 mins read
As we welcome a new year, energised with the expectation of vaccines eradicating the threat of Covid-19 globally, it is worth looking back at the year and exploring how industries were affected by it and just how differently they responded.

Gartner sounds the alarm on AI ethics

Reports | 2 mins read
Gartner has released a Predicts 2021 research report that outlines the serious, wide-reaching ethical and social problems it predicts artificial intelligence (AI) to cause in the next several years.

Don’t be a casualty in the legal talent war

David Poole | 4 mins read
Faced with outdated methods within the profession and a lack of future focus at traditional law firms, the digital-ready legal talent pool is beginning to look elsewhere for work – either to only the most progressive firms, or to other professions entirely.