Emergence Partners And KYP.ai Create The First AI-Powered Transformation Mining Tool

by Press Releases | 2 mins read

The proposition, named Digital Transformation Mining (DTM), will for the first time allow customers to quickly and accurately assess organisation, process and application usage data simultaneously and pinpoint areas for automation and improvement.

Through the use of sophisticated real-time AI, DTM will display processes on a live dashboard  and identify over or under resourcing, as well as process efficiency and create data-driven business cases for automation across the area or areas being analysed, thereby quantifying and accelerating a business’s digital transformation journey.

Using DTM eliminates risk for businesses as they digitally transform, by providing empirical data on areas for automation and clearly stating the business case and cost reduction benefits. Previously, businesses had to rely on human decision-making based on potentially inaccurate, misinterpreted or out-of-date data.

By unifying the strategic capabilities of Emergence business consultants with the plug-and-play power of KYP.ai software, DTM will be able to address two key pain points: firstly, where to invest in automation or transformation; and secondly, how to make the business case for investment.

DTM will be deployed in two ways:

1) Snapshot: runs for less than one month and is ideal for a quick and accurate assessment of a specific line of business.

2) Digital Twin: runs continuously to create a constant feedback loop on transformation opportunities.

In both cases DTM can be deployed into a business within 15 days and is fully GDPR and privacy policy compliant.

Adam Bujak, CEO of KYP.ai says: “DTM augments Business Intelligence in a way that hasn’t been available via existing data and process mining software. Businesses know they need to digitally transform but the question they ask is where and how?  DTM answers those two critical questions, clearly, accurately and quickly – this has not been possible before.

He goes on to say: “This is our first move into the UK and with Emergence, into the senior stakeholder level of business versus IT. We’ve already seen the impact of our software on clients, saving them time to identify improvement opportunities as well as money and resources to deploy the right solution. The numbers speak for themselves. We’re excited to get into UK businesses with Emergence and deliver the same positive impact.”

David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners says: “DTM super-charges our consultants and gives them a unique and unprecedented way to identify transformation opportunities for clients. Gone are the huge teams of consultants who overwhelm clients with data and ultimately make a judgement call on next steps. This is AI informing better decisions, faster and more accurately.

He adds: “The launch of DTM comes at a time when businesses must accelerate their digital transformation journeys but also when budgets are restricted and any investment needs to deliver tangible cost-saving. Businesses have historically been left with the question of how to be truly data-driven in their digital transformation strategy – DTM will provide the answer.”

Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst of Global Research Company HFS said: “we are impressed with DTM and how it reduces time to value for business transformation projects, regardless of size or sector. It takes complex, data and pulls it into a unified AI rich platform, making it clear to assess, compare and address opportunities for automation or re-engineering. We would rank this as a very high consideration tool for any business looking to make informed and fast decisions on digital transformation.”

For more information on DTM, visit our service page.