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All change please.

Katie Gibbs | 3 mins read
Blending technology with human expertise, a new breed of consultancy is helping overcome the old and lazy ways of working, says Katie Swannell-Gibbs, Global Head of Consulting at Cognition.

In Technology we Trust

David Poole | 2 mins read
Automation is helping trust administrators to deliver a much more effective service for their clients in an increasingly competitive world, says David Poole, Executive Chairman of Cognition.

Balancing AI innovation with regulation

Katie Gibbs | 3 mins read
Scare stories about the threats of AI are leading governments to act, but AI can be a force for good too, says Global Head of Consulting, Katie Swannell-Gibbs – providing regulations are put in place.

How automation and AI are revolutionising Pharma

David Poole | 3 mins read
Cognition Exec Chairman David Poole says that technology is transforming the pharmaceutical industry

Intelligent Automation Collective launches IA Guide Book

Press Releases | 1 mins read
The potential of smart automation has soared as the result of advances in core AI technologies and the availability of vast, affordable computing power on demand via the cloud. It is transforming the way all kinds of organisations capture information, manage processes and deliver services.

From Proof of Concept to Proof of Value.

Chris Thilburg | 3 mins read
Ahead of this week’s Intelligent Automation Exchange, Chris Thilburg, Cognition’s North America CEO, talks about how businesses can get a return on their tech investment.

Taking people with you

David Poole | 2 mins read
GBS has bold ambitions for digital transformation but organizations are missing a trick if they don’t take a people-centric approach.Cognition’s Exec Chairman David Poole writes from SSOW in Lisbon.

Is technical debt the new concern for businesses?

Andrew Rayner | 3 mins read
Businesses need to ensure their IT strategy is aligned to their organization’s business goals and tackle potential problems such as technical debt in order to optimise their IT budgets.

Creating Trust in AI

Katie Gibbs | 3 mins read
When a picture of the Pope in a distinctive white puffer jacket went viral recently, many people were fooled. Perhaps not surprisingly. Despite the incongruous image, the picture – created in AI (Artificial Intelligence) program Midjourney – looked authentic enough. A week later and further AI images emerged, this time o.
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