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The real power of data is in your hands.

Joy Poole | 1 mins read
Today the BBC posted an interesting article on a new government department, set up purely to integrate and assess data - read it HERE

Don't invest in AI

Katie Gibbs | 1 mins read
Companies are leaping on the AI bandwagon, often just to show how innovative they are, with most organisations averaging 35 Machine Learning or AI projects by 2022[1]. Executives are conscious of falling behind, so are setting aside increasing budgets to run AI-led initiatives and hire AI resources.

Lawyers and AI

Katie Gibbs | 5 mins read
I’m a champion of using AI in the right context and more than happy to tell companies when they’re barking up the wrong tree and using AI as a sledgehammer to crack a nut, that it’s a waste of their time and money.

Microworkers - the invisible workforce.

Katie Gibbs | 2 mins read
We have all heard the fear-mongering predictions about AI, which has been accelerated by the adoption of automation during the pandemic. This extract from Phil Jones’ new book is drawing attention to the impact this rise in automation and AI has had on “microwork”, which despite being around for a decade is being used mo.

Get the right formula for net zero unemployment.

Katie Gibbs | 2 mins read
There is no shortage of doomsday-style coverage on the ‘rise of the machines’, this headline grabbing narrative has been delivered in increasing volume for the last decade. 

What’s in a name?  Everything as it happens.

Katie Gibbs | 1 mins read
In early 2021 we launched Profit Finder, our starting point for businesses that know they need to improve things but aren’t sure where or how to start. Profit Finder was set up to kick start a business on its transformation journey, taking a forensic look across people, process and technology and filling in crucial knowl.

Intelligent automation in venture and private equity investing

Bill Thomas | 2 mins read
Working closely with investment communities in both the US and Europe has given me some really interesting insights into the role intelligent automation (IA) – the adoption of multiple advanced technologies such as robotics and machine learning - can play in achieving best-in-class returns.

Employee monitoring? Try engaging instead.

Katie Gibbs | 2 mins read
The recent rise of powerful employee monitoring software gives employers unprecedented insight into the working patterns and strengths of their employees. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many organisations embedding monitoring software without assessing its impact on the employee experience, instead viewing it as a means o.

NICE sets new robo-ethical standard using Emergence ETA framework

Press Releases | 0 mins read
A first in the robotics industry, NICE's five guiding ethical principles demonstrate commitment to ensuring responsible robot-human dynamics in the workplace