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The real power of data is in your hands.

by Joy Poole | 1 mins read

Today the BBC posted an interesting article on a new government department, set up purely to integrate and assess data - read it HERE

The so-called SitCen created by the UK government and covered in the article is living proof that data is guiding action, response, planning and strategy in every aspect of our lives. 

So far, so familiar but why, if it’s so obvious, are so few businesses really harnessing the power of data? 

Most likely it’s because they don’t like what it’s telling them – just ask Toys R Us or Yahoo – and because listening to the data might mean doing things differently and change can be unsettling, even to the most experienced leaders. 

Look, we’re human beings and the very instincts that make a great leader can be the same ones that prevent them from actually hearing or seeing what’s in front of them and acting appropriately or effectively. 

When it comes to using data to drive effective business change, it’s about more than just listening to the data and acting on it but also understanding human behaviour and how your leadership team responds to the unexpected, unpredictable or uncomfortable. 

If we agree that acting effectively on what the data is telling you is crucial to innovation, customer experience, employee engagement and ultimately business success – just ask Apple and Google – then this has to be a business priority for 2022. 

And given that in 2020 every human created 1.7MB of data – PER SECOND – and this is only going to increase - before you set up your own SitCen, speak to us about how we can help you shift mindsets as well as your technology and data strategy to deliver profound transformation.