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COViD and climate change: our response to this crisis will dictate how we respond to the next one

Nisha Deo | 3 mins read
Let’s start with a positive. COVID-19 has shown us the fast and decisive change the global business community is capable of when we take a crisis seriously. Now for the negative: coronavirus is not the only crisis in town. Our newfound crisis management capabilities will be coming in handy over the next half century, bec.

A decade of stasis for women in tech - but we have reason to be optimistic

Katie Gibbs | 4 mins read
Are we breaking through the glass ceiling, or are we banging our heads against a brick wall? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. A new survey shows that, in spite of all our efforts, the number of women in the technology sector has barely moved over the past 10 years. Another International Women’s Day has come and gone, and we .

Empowering your employees in the face of crisis

Joy Poole | 4 mins read
In so many ways, working life has come to a sudden and unexpected standstill. The world has gone home. Office whiteboards remain decorated with month-old abandoned brainstorms, and once-crowded conference rooms gather dust. For executives and their teams, the abiding feeling - aptly explored in this HBR article - is grie.

Mindset management: transitioning from fear to hope

Joy Poole | 3 mins read
Even in the current crisis, the fundamental rules of the game haven’t changed. You still need to keep your target market’s evolving wants and needs at the front and center of your focus. Last week, we explored how the people within your organization will remember your leadership during this crisis. This week we’ll look a.

Better together: why business and government should strive for ethical unison

Nisha Deo | 4 mins read
The first instalment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been characterised by acceleration; explosions of data, surges of computing power, amplification of robotics. Regulators have been hard pressed to keep pace, and governments have been grasping at technologists’ vapour trails. As an example, the European C.
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