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Why businesses must slay the sacred ‘proof of concept’ to adopt digital transformation

Press Releases | 0 mins read
If the Coronavirus outbreak has taught business leaders across industries anything so far, it’s that embracing technology should be a huge part of any business’ plans. This doesn’t mean welcoming new tools hurriedly, uncritically and with open arms; but diagnosing your opportunities and pain points and defining a technol.

Head of Executive Coaching Joy Poole features in WeAreVirtual webinar

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Founding Partner and Head of Executive Education Joy Poole features in WeAreVirtual's webinar series, offering practical advice on how to foster a disruption-ready mindset throughout the organisation.

Why tech fluency is a leadership imperative

Joy Poole | 2 mins read
Every disruption - whether driven by a crisis like Covid-19, a swift move by a competitor or shift in consumer demands due to an emerging technology - has a monumental opportunity nested inside of it. As a leader, it’s your job to guide your organisation to take advantage of that opportunity.

Leaders need to embrace #MentalHealthAwareness now more than ever

Joy Poole | 3 mins read
In a year during which families and colleagues have been prised apart and forced inward, we can truly say that #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek has taken on new importance. But even without the trials of this fraught period, there has been a mental health epidemic brewing in the world of work for years - so much so that employ.

Emergence CEO David Poole talks corporate resilience in The Sunday Times

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The challenges thrown up by 2020 have shown the increasing importance of corporate resilience and contingency planning in uncertain markets. The survival and continued success of a business has come to rely on the organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt to circumstance while maintaining the vision of a long-term roa.

Resilience is replacing raw efficiency as the key business asset of the 2020s

David Poole | 3 mins read
resilience /rɪˈzɪlɪəns/ noun 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Post-COVID business strategies will be defined by corporate resilience and virtualization

Nisha Deo | 1 mins read
As businesses lick their wounds after a bruising few months, the smartest organisations will be looking for strategic improvements - not just panic responses to a pandemic. Who is looking beyond immediate recovery, towards virtualization and cloud migration? Which businesses are remodelling their vision for the next ten .

We’re about to see an automation rush - but first there is groundwork to be laid

James Hall | 1 mins read
Automation adoption is about to accelerate, but success is far from guaranteed. With economic recovery at stake, businesses risk making the same short-termist mistakes that have seen automation investments fail to succeed at scale over the past decade. Before rushing into quick fixes, business leaders should remember the.

COVID-19 measures are shining a spotlight on the pros and cons of AI implementation

Katie Gibbs | 4 mins read
Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of modern technologies. From Zoom to Miro, many of us wouldn’t be able to work remotely without these tools in place, and it’s been great to see them stepping up to the mark to make their tools readily available to support people and organisations during this time. Effectively, .