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Gartner sounds the alarm on AI ethics

Reports | 2 mins read
Gartner has released a Predicts 2021 research report that outlines the serious, wide-reaching ethical and social problems it predicts artificial intelligence (AI) to cause in the next several years.

Don’t be a casualty in the legal talent war

David Poole | 4 mins read
Faced with outdated methods within the profession and a lack of future focus at traditional law firms, the digital-ready legal talent pool is beginning to look elsewhere for work – either to only the most progressive firms, or to other professions entirely.

The Tech+Stack: a platform for profound transformation

Sarah Burnett | 1 mins read
This reality is driving investment trends in a number of areas, including:

Claims frustrations are rising, faith in insurance is decreasing - how can insurers repair their fractured relationship with the public?

James Hall | 3 mins read
For an insurer, offering a fundamentally human service can be the difference between easing a customer’s woes and adding to them.

Tears, Tissues and Tech: the HR balancing act of managing employee wellbeing and workplace tech

Joy Poole | 2 mins read
The two challenges are, of course, intertwined. There is mounting evidence of poor workplace tech leading to bad mental health, which in turn costs businesses worldwide $1 trillion each year in lost productivity, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics.

Reevaluate your ethical approach to tech with our new Ethics in Technology Assessment

Sarah Burnett | 2 mins read
This year has provided an almost constant stream of controversies to remind businesses of the crucial importance of their ethical approach to technology. When oversights are made in the early design and build stage, or in maintenance and reporting, hidden ethical and operational costs reveal themselves further down the l.

GBS of the future: the backbone for digitalisation?

James Hall | 3 mins read
In recent years, the general administrative operations of large organisations have been moving toward a global business services (GBS) model of shared services, with offshore centres housing behind-the-scenes tasks like invoice processing. The influence of GBS is increasing, with 41% of CFOs recently indicating their fin.

The boardroom spotlight is shifting: it’s time for CIOs to shine. 

Bill Thomas | 2 mins read
I always enjoy seeing how executive teams evolve over time.  For example, how positive or negative the tone of voice is, or whether decisions are being made for pro-active or reactive reasons, or how long- or short-term the current planning horizon is, or how more or less diverse the boardroom is (don’t get me started; t.

Katie Gibbs on ethical AI design at Big Data London

Katie Gibbs | 0 mins read
Catch up on Head of Consulting Katie Gibbs' Big Data London 2020 keynote, breaking down a year of algorithmic controversies and offering tips on how to improve the ethics of machine learning projects.