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From Proof of Concept to Proof of Value.

Chris Thilburg | 3 mins read
Ahead of this week’s Intelligent Automation Exchange, Chris Thilburg, Cognition’s North America CEO, talks about how businesses can get a return on their tech investment.

Taking people with you

David Poole | 2 mins read
GBS has bold ambitions for digital transformation but organizations are missing a trick if they don’t take a people-centric approach.Cognition’s Exec Chairman David Poole writes from SSOW in Lisbon.

Is technical debt the new concern for businesses?

Andrew Rayner | 3 mins read
Businesses need to ensure their IT strategy is aligned to their organization’s business goals and tackle potential problems such as technical debt in order to optimise their IT budgets.

Creating Trust in AI

Katie Gibbs | 3 mins read
When a picture of the Pope in a distinctive white puffer jacket went viral recently, many people were fooled. Perhaps not surprisingly. Despite the incongruous image, the picture – created in AI (Artificial Intelligence) program Midjourney – looked authentic enough. A week later and further AI images emerged, this time o.

Bridging the AI Skills Gap

Laura Robertson | 2 mins read
Last week, UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt made several important announcements designed to give a much-needed boost to the technology sector.

Scalable learning vs Scalable efficiency

David Poole | 3 mins read
Automation is shaping virtually every institution on the planet, from small and medium sized enterprises right through to government organizations. But its success or failure will in large part be driven by the mindsets adopted by business leaders.

How to spend your IT budget effectively in 2023  

David Poole | 3 mins read
Emergence Exec Chairman, David Poole shares how to stay focused as IT budgets increase in 2023.

Business Thrival Guide 2022: Contracting

Pascal Baker | 3 mins read
Nearly 8 years ago I stated, during a Public Sector Procurement cycle, “you guys don’t know how to buy innovation”. My statement was seen as a little blunt, but also “not radically off the mark”. Roll the clock forward to 2022 and after a Global Pandemic, the need for organisations to ramp up digital working at pace and .

Business Thrival Guide 2022: Tools & Intelligent Automation

David Poole | 2 mins read
At our recent WhatNext? roundtable we asked business leaders to share the biggest challenges they’re currently facing in delivering what we call profound transformation – the seismic change to a business that delivers immediate and long-term impact - and despite no shortage of news, information and vendor-led hype, the s.