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Pulse Report volume one

Sarah Burnett | 0 mins read
Few areas of business have felt the impact of the last year more than IT – perhaps with the exception of HR. But the pressure on the IT team to reassess priorities, maintain BAU, deliver secure remote working and more recently deliver efficiencies as well as drive a return to innovation and growth, has been immense. We l.

Don’t gamble on the future of your workplace – let data lead the way

David Poole | 2 mins read
The five-day office week could become the norm again within two years, according to reports from the BBC.

Profit Finder addresses the epidemic of inefficiency in insurance

David Poole | 3 mins read
Valuable resources are being wasted by inefficient insurance processes – exactly the kind that we built Profit Finder to eliminate. Insurance companies have never been light on process. Long customer cycles, enormous data throughput and continual regulatory obligations should theoretically present endless opportunities f.

Make profitability your priority

David Poole | 3 mins read
The perfect storm of the pandemic and Brexit have made it imperative for businesses to find fast and effective ways to reduce cost and increase revenues.

See how WorkFusion took meaningful action with our Ethics in Technology Assessment

Sarah Burnett | 1 mins read
We built our Ethics in Technology Assessment (ETA) programme to help businesses go a little deeper in safeguarding stakeholders from the ethical risks associated with technology. ETA offers an independent and rigorous assessment of your digital conduct and processes and identifies strengths and weaknesses to help you add.

Challenging the consultancy model

Katie Gibbs | 2 mins read
We all know after the past two and half years of remote working that technology has the power to fundamentally transform the world of work. Emergence was set up to be a new breed of consultancy, and we’ve recently taken a bold, innovative step towards using tech to transform traditional consulting.

How to automate business processes with new clarity: David Poole in Enterprise Times

Press Releases | 0 mins read
Large-scale automation projects fail at a frankly astonishing rate. More often than not, this is due to a lack of clarity and accuracy around exactly what (or what not) to automate.

Emergence Partners launches AI-powered Profit Finder

Press Releases | 2 mins read
4 May 2021, London, UK: Emergence Partners today announces the launch of PROFIT FINDER, a new product which gives businesses a fast and effective way to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Insurers are in customers’ bad books. Personalisation is how they turn the page

Chris Main | 4 mins read
In this piece Associate Partner Chris Main shows insurers the way towards totally bespoke customer services. Head to our Profit Finder product page to discover the next step. Few industries have emerged from the last year with a spotless copybook, but the insurance industry has taken a particularly bad rap. Whether keepi.