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Challenging the consultancy model

by Katie Gibbs | 2 mins read

We all know after the past two and half years of remote working that technology has the power to fundamentally transform the world of work. Emergence was set up to be a new breed of consultancy, and we’ve recently taken a bold, innovative step towards using tech to transform traditional consulting.

With our new, AI-enabled service Profit Finder we augment one skilled consultant with actionable data insights collated by AI software in order to minimise the time, effort and resources needed to deliver immediate value to our clients. In doing so, we’ve automated the bulk of the consulting work that consultancies typically do as upfront discovery, in order to accelerate the outcomes for our clients.

Profit Finder uses empirical data, rather than the standard observations and assumptions, to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement across people, processes and tech. It consists of AI software deployed on desktops and just one transformation consultant. The software captures all the data and then the people-centric consultant analyses the output in order to assess the impact on customers and employees, identify key actionable insights and validate the commercial business case for change with an accompanying action plan.

Why Automate Consultants?

The Emergence team have a breadth of big 4 consulting experience behind us, so we’ve experienced first-hand their model of bloated teams deployed based on availability, rather than skillset due to their relentless focus on minimising their own costs which leads to dissatisfied clients and disengaged employees

Emergence was set up to be different. We listen, move with precision and pace as strategic partners to our clients. We focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for clients with a streamlined team, designed to guarantee value for money.

Case Study

Let us share an example of how we automated a consulting team to quickly pinpoint opportunities and next steps for a global food delivery business. This client is a process intensive business and their customer service team is at the heart of their profitability. They came to us because they had a suspicion that they could improve profitability with automation but didn’t know where to start.

We deployed the AI software onto the desktops of ten customer service agents and in the space of just two weeks we uncovered areas within their customer service team that were ripe for automation as well as created the associated business case. We found that, using a combination of RPA and natural language classification to automate checking case, customer and order details, automation would save our client $250k/year. This was undoubtedly a great outcome for our client and exactly what they asked for, however, because Profit Finder looked holistically across their customer service team, the client was surprised that by what else we uncovered in this process:

Customer service agents only spend 4% of their time actually speaking to customers.

Agents weren’t closing the chat once the customer left the conversation to avoid being placed back in the pool.

The team was overstaffed, meaning that they could take 20% more customer queries.

In effect, we found additional savings of  $530k in areas they hadn’t even considered might be problematic.  One of our transformation consultants built and validated the business cases around each of these initiatives and with that, the client was easily able to prioritise and take their plans to the board. After just two weeks, they knew exactly where they were, where they needed to go and how to get there as efficiently as possible.

This innovative approach to consulting brings together the best of emerging technology and consulting expertise without costing the earth and guarantees to find areas for improvement. We don’t need a bench full of graduates to deliver our projects because our technology-first approach does the heavy lifting and is complimented with a single transformation consultant.  That consultant is an expert in analysing the data to identify opportunities, developing a robust business case with projected ROIs and a recommended action plan.

And we won’t stop here. We’re on a mission to challenge outdated approaches to consulting by creating a unique ecosystem of technologies that empowers our user-centric, data-driven team to deliver value to our clients as quickly as possible. This is a new era of consulting and we’re leading the charge.

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