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Intelligent Automation Collective launches IA Guide Book

by Press Releases | 1 mins read

The potential of smart automation has soared as the result of advances in core AI technologies and the availability of vast, affordable computing power on demand via the cloud. It is transforming the way all kinds of organisations 
capture information, manage processes and deliver services. 

And yet…

Up to now, applications – both of earlier robotic process automation (RPA) tools, and more recently of intelligent automation (IA) solutions – have been largely tactical in nature. Without necessarily understanding the fuller scope 
for doing things differently, companies have invested in individual solutions and applied them to a specific task.

This has brought them some success, but without the vision and ambition to rethink business and operational models, or how to apply smarter capabilities - and to plan and do this strategically – these companies have compromised the overall impact.

The next wave of intelligent automation will go wider and deeper. Through an ecosystem of highly configurable tools, applied in a way that can be adapted easily over time, the smarter organisations will harness the latest forms of 
AI - from machine learning to natural language processing - to unleash untapped human potential and make work more rewarding for their talented teams. 

Rather than removing operational cost at the risk of introducing new barriers for users and customers, this is about transforming and enhancing their experiences and improving outcomes.

But how? 

To mark the first anniversary of the Intelligent Automation Collective (IAC)’s formation, we’ve put together this handy guide, offering up the latest inspiration from those working at the IA coalface. We asked each of the IAC’s member 
partners for their take on where the industry is going, the hottest new opportunities that are emerging, the common misconceptions in the market about IA and what needs to happen next to harness IA’s fuller potential.

And they didn’t hold back.

Download the full MapIA Guide HERE