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Emergence, and Symphony LAM merge to form Cognition

by Press Releases | 1 mins read

Emergence and Symphony LAM rebrand to become Cognition, a new breed of tech strategy and delivery firm with a mission to shake up the Intelligent Automation market


Emergence Partners Limited (Emergence). and Symphony Lam S.A.S. (Symphony LAM) have today reformed and rebranded to become Cognition — a new, advanced technology business describing themselves as Engineers of Human Experience and with a mission to shake up the Intelligent Automation market.

Cognition brings together the data-driven and people-focused tech consultancy capabilities of Emergence with the deployment expertise of Symphony LAM. And with centres in the UK, North America and across Latin America, Cognition will focus on advanced technology and specifically IA solutions, that deliver accelerated growth for customers.

The business will roll out their unique product offering — Cognition CORE — which disrupts the traditional vendor model by allowing global businesses to easily implement Al applications and workflows to improve efficiency and performance. Companies are able to onboard innovative, pluggable and modular solutions which include a carefully curated set of best—in-class partners to support their transformation. CORE allows clients to use the right
technologies as and when needed, eliminating the widespread problem of out—of—date or irrelevant tech licenses.

David Poole, Executive Chairman of Cognition, said: “Cognition represents the combined passion of over 100 technologists to do things differently. We’ve set Cognition up to challenge every established way of doing things in the tech sector and do it better. We're putting people at the centre of how we think and how we deliver experiences - whether that's our people, our clients or our clients customers, we never forget that they're at the heart of any digital transformation."

Felix Massun , CEO of Cognition added: “Cognition gives us more than a unified brand, it’s a unified culture and way of delivering that focusses on providing genuine value to customers and a great experience to the people involved. With our new global footprint, Cognition can help more businesses around the world unlock their potential with advanced technology and specifically intelligent automation."


About Cognition:
We are engineers of human experience, who exist to create a better world in which to live and work
through people-powered tech solutions. How? Because unlike others, we bring together both
advanced technology strategy and deployment. making it simpler for you and your business to unlock
the possible, to grow and to thrive, for today and tomorrow.

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